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What do you need to remember traveling with parents?

It’s great if your parents are fit, cheerful and sharing your interests like a go riding on ostriches or go to an immersive staging about coronavirus. But it happens that different generations have different interests.

Therefore, we know what you need to be prepared for if you decide to take mom and dad to the resort.

Insurance for seniors will be more expensive

For elders, as well as for children, the probability of an accident is statistically higher. Hence there is a natural increase in prices.
Thank progress, you can buy insurance online.

The relief matters

Even if your parents for the past 20 years was climbing, make allowances for their age. Try to avoid the stairs. No doubt, that parents are young at heart, but you all travel to chill, not to get tired.

Need to take medicine seriously

If your parent takes life-saving drug on a regular basis you need to follow some rules:
1) Recipes for them should be translated into national language of the country you go
2) Have a separate first-aid kit case for the parent to quickly find the right medicine
3) Take on board required amount of meds for parent needs if the flight will be delayed. And only in original packing!

Take care of comfortable arrival.

A long flight is difficult for the elderly: pressure drops, time zones change, etc. Book a transfer by i’way, then you don’t need to look for a taxi at a reasonable price all over the airport.

Order a transfer to anywhere in the world

You shouldn’t become a nanny

Although the roles change and with age children care about their parents more than vice versa, you need control yourself. Even in caring. Remember how you felt when you were overly patronized! Caring is not tantamount to custody.

... as well as your parents

If you travel with all three generations of your family, don’t “push” offsprings to grandparents. They have the right to relax, just like you.

“Let’s decide in progress” is a bad strategy

If your main goal is sightseeing, settle an issue amicably what places you want to visit together, and where you can take a walk alone. So you can avoid unnecessary resentment.

We also recommend taking a lot of photos: parents will look at them with joy and pride, recalling the time you spent together. 

Spain, but make it different: what to see in Barcelona?

Football, Mediterranean, Antoni Gaudi...what else is there in Barcelona? If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re way past googling the weather forecasts for the dates of your stay, and you’re digging into the topic to find something a little bit more out-of-the-way. We won’t disappoint you, promise!

Here are our picks for places to see and visit in one of Spain’s most iconic cities:

«Bostik Murals» — Sprayed-on industrial site /urban art museum

Why confine the creative energy by exhibition halls if the art can take over the museum grounds and street walls? This urban art museum is located at the former industrial site. You may find all sorts of things here — from murals of Barcelona street artists to exhibits of modern art pieces. During weekends, there’s a flea market surrounded by numerous colorful street food trucks. You should also get up to the roof terrace, to see a fantastic piece by Sixe Paredes covering the entire wall.

Check the ticket price for the events held at the art museum at the website.

Opening hours
Tuesday – Sunday, from 10:30 till 13:30 and from 16:00 till 18:30.
Closed on Mondays

The Greek Theatre

Wanna catch a bit of that ancient Greek vibe, and enjoy a good performance from an open-air amphitheater? So what you’re in Catalonia, nothing is impossible in Barcelona — when it’s warm outside, just head to the Greek theatre and enjoy the shows from the local stage and musical performers. A cool bonus — this place looks like legit ruins of some ancient buildings, although it has been built in 1929.

Opening hours
Every day from 08:00 till dusk

The entrance is free except for events

«Marsella» — a 1930-ties hipster hot-spot

This bar is like a time machine. You can almost see Dali and Picasso getting wasted in the corner, dissing their ex’s... And this place is still a hit today, filled with bohemian youngsters, journalists and some well -and lesser-known poets.

What to try here? Same as in the previous century, the main drink for this bar is absinthe (served here with sugar). It does bring out an animal in you, so, when coming to Marsella, come with a friend — to keep an eye on you.

Opening hours
Daily from 18:00 till 02:00.

1 absinthe shot is 5,20 €

Thorny gardens of Mossen costa i llobera

If you are a fan of cactuses and succulents (and can not afford a trip to Mexico), then this place is a must. This botanical garden houses over 800 types of desert and tropical plants from all over the world. Cactuses are especially cool: they got them in all shapes, from tiny ones to two-story building-sized giants. You may take your kids with you, too, provided that they understand that cactuses are fun to watch, but not to touch.

The Sun here has no mercy — do not forget your hat.

Opening hours
Daily from 10:00 till 21:00.

Free entrance

Stranger street — Las Ramblas

Where is Barcelona can a rеgular person see a headless horseman, a forest nymph just a few steps away, and a skeleton riding its bike just across the road? The correct answer is “walking down a street”. But not any street. Las Ramblas Street.

Behind the masks of mythical creatures, street artists perform their little tricks which are quite fun to watch while wandering through those sunlit alleys, before Barcelona gets too hot.

A good first impression of any city is guaranteed with a transfer service — book now, and we will take you to the hotel with comfort.

Transfer from Barcelona Airport — from 44 EUR

Are you a fan of heat and tropics? Read the articles about Phuket or Dubai!

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Where to walk in Paris? Tourist free places

After you pass by the Eiffel Tower with the baguette, we recommend taking a walk around more unusual places in Paris. We, as always, have carefully prepared the list of such places for you.

An oasis in the center of Paris – Coulée verte René-Dumont

Why not turn a deserted viaduct and its surroundings into a park area where you want to walk for hours?
Favorite place for cycling and dog walking — 3 kilometers of greenery with restored railway facilities, which turned into art objects.

Private Museum of Old Fair Equipment

The creation of this museum was the life-work of the founder, who has been looking for future exhibits objects for 35 years: the carnival rides, musical instruments, costumes and all the rest of the attributes of chapiteaus. If you are looking for a museum in Paris where you can get involved in art and take beautiful photos, then this place is definitely for you.

The museum has 3 halls showing featuring different eras:

  • classic Venetian carnival
  • XIX century traditional fair
  • Paris Chapiteau beginning of the XX century

Tickets must be purchased online.
Tours are mainly conducted in French, but visitors can take booklets in English. In summer there are tours in English as well.

Ticket price
The cost of excursions for individual travelers:
€16 — adult ticket
€8 — ticket for children from 4 to 11 years
Free for children under 4 years old

Tour Duration
90 minutes

Opening hours
The museum is open on Wednesdays, weekends and French public holidays by prior reservation.

Art projection L’Atelier des Lumières

Paris residents came up with an alternative way to popularize the classics — combine it with digitals.. Here is our advice: visit the exhibition not like a museum, but like a light show that uses the canvases of eminent masters as an instrument.
You will find yourself surrounded by paintings moving around the room and sounds that accompany it. There are also textures to beautify the light, somewhere you see it through a water, somewhere a mirror, etc.

Ticket price
Tickets are preferably pre-purchased online.
€ 15 – Adult
€ 10 – Children
€ 14 – ticket for senior citizens

The oldest operating cinema in Paris — Le Louxor

If you are out of all the desired places, but want to spend the evening outside the hotel, we recommend you go to the cinema. Choose the cinema Le Louxor — you will not watch the next movie about superheroes here, but it’s quite realistic to get to the premiere of something from the modern indie-cinema. If it’s possible, buy a ticket to the Youssef Chahine Hall: it’s decorated in Egyptian style and has a balcony.

See here. Caution, French!

Bar La Mezcaleria

Where to end your day in Paris? That’s right, in a funky bar.

Here are the instructions:

  • Come to the hotel
  • Tell the staff, that you want to go to the bar and they will let you into the restaurant
  • At the restaurant, you will be directed to the kitchen, where you will see an unremarkable door

Cocktails are quite expensive and stylish, but their specialization is, as you might guess from the name of the bar, mezcal, cousin of tequila.

Opening hours
Daily, from 18:00 to 02:00

The average price of a cocktail
€ 10

Plan excursion routes, book a transfer — we will meet you in Paris!
Order —  €64

Looking for other beautiful places in Europe, that are worth your attention? Read an article about Riga.

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