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Summing up the results of 2020. What was it like for i’way?

In the last days of the year soon to be departed, it is customary to take stock. Keeping with tradition, we have decided to tell you what we managed to achieve in the difficult year of 2020. In short, the year was completely atypical. But we have made every effort to, and have become more technologically advanced; our services are now even more convenient, while taking care of our customers is still our top priority.

Let’s take a look at some of the achievements of i’way over the past year:

1. We retained and expanded our team

We have kept our company and team. 2020 was a challenging year not only because of the pandemic, but also because of the crisis that ensued. This was most notable in the travel industry, which almost ceased to operate for some time due to closed borders. Despite this, i’way managed to keep its team, which continued to develop all of its services. We rebuilt communication, got used to remote work and learned how to work in the most unusual of conditions.

2. We launched a joint program with Aeroflot

Now our clients can receive Aeroflot Bonus miles for each trip that they take with i’way transfer. To do this, you need to indicate your personal account number in i’way’s mobile application. Miles will be accumulated after each trip.

3. Updated and improved Artificial Intelligence

Updating and improving our AI allows us to increase the processing speed of requests by the booking department (by about 90%).

4. Website redesign and mobile application improvement

We have updated the design of our website Now it has become clearer, more visually appealing and lighter, for the convenience of our clients. Our mobile application has also been updated, which is now simply called i’way. By the way, you can download it from the App Store and the Google Play store.

5. We have updated the application for drivers ‘i’way driver’.

Now, the i’way driver app for drivers is available for download from the App Store. Also, in addition to receiving orders and tracking flights via the app, you can also track your income. The new version of the application has a tab named “Wallet”, via which you can track your earnings.

6. Improved collection of feedback from our customers

We have improved our feedback collection system to ensure that our system is constantly moving in the right direction. Thanks to this, the average travel rating has increased.

7. We have integrated our transfers into the S7 Airlines application

Now, an i’way transfer can be ordered from the mobile application of S7 Airlines. When ordering a transfer, you will receive miles directly to your S7 Priority card.

8. Implementation of additional services

We made a meeting with a sign in a separate service. Now the passenger decides whether to meet him with a sign or not.

In addition to this:

  • We have worked out a system for calculating driver ratings. Now, there will be even fewer unscrupulous drivers;
  • We improved the driver monitoring system to keep rides comfortable;
  • We introduced a push notification system for all users of our mobile applications;
  • We have improved the system of payment and additional payments by bank card.

This year was difficult and chaotic, forcing all of us to come up with new schemes on the fly and constantly rebuild our plans. But, despite this, we all became friendlier, more responsive and wiser.

Next year, we will continue our dialogues with clients and partners, expand our staff with new specialists and make our service even more convenient.

Thank you for being with us and trusting us. Happy New Year!

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