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What 2023 was like

Tourism has once again become an essential aspect of our lives, and throughout 2023, the i’way team has relentlessly strived to enhance the reliability and quality of our services. We would like to highlight the primary changes and milestones achieved.


Preferred choice of world capitals. We have emerged as a major player in the international market, handling hundreds of weekly bookings in Paris, Istanbul, Dubai, London and other major international hubs.

Ever-expanding. Our footprint has expanded with the establishment of branch offices in UAE, Kazakhstan and India dedicated for sales and service operations.

Highly rated. The average service rating for 2023 is 4.9, while the rating of our own network of drivers has garnered an outstanding average of 4.95.

Unique Integrations. We have achieved successful integration with AirVistara, one of the top three renowned airlines in India, and 20 other integrations with leading traveltech companies.

Upgraded Website and App

New personal account. This year, the company introduced a completely new personal account tailored for corporate users and implemented travel policy customization through the “Documents” section, where financial documents are stored for the customer.

Driver details in advance. The i’way app now sends notifications to users about their assigned vehicle in the morning before their journey, providing peace of mind for passengers by ensuring their ride details well in advance. This is unlike other transportation companies that assign vehicles late at night or taxis that assign them right before the trip. By pre-assigning vehicles, passengers are assured of their trip. Moreover, information about the assigned driver is also conveyed to the customer through their account and API.

With the i’way app, the sky’s the limit. The i’way app is a widely versatile transfer booking tool embraced by both individual, corporate customers, and agents. Customers have been booking transfers through the app for more than two years. Its intuitive interface allows users to book transfers seamlessly, even during weekends, evenings, or vacations when access to a PC or laptop is limited. They can easily make bookings for themselves or their passengers while on their way to work or elsewhere.

Get a quote faster than ever. Our development team has significantly improved the speed and accuracy of the quoting process, delivering results in just 3-5 seconds, a huge improvement from the previous 10-15 seconds.

Boat transfer in Venice. The product team has introduced a new multimodal service, combining a meet-and-greet service at Venice Airport, followed by a combined transfer of a luxury car and a premium-class boat.


Now on WhatsApp. In response to our users’ preferences, we’ve launched passenger support through WhatsApp, offering an alternative communication channel for those who prefer messaging over phone calls. Now, the WhatsApp phone number is sent via SMS a few hours before the ride.

A+ International Support. Our commitment to exceptional support is evident in our statistics – 86% of incoming calls were answered within 15 seconds, and the rate of missed calls was only 1.3%.

Next year we will be celebrating the 15th anniversary. Achieving this milestone signifies trust, strong long-term relationships, and recognition of our commitment to service excellence.

See you in the coming year.

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