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What to see in Oulu?

Oulu is a place characterized by technology, surrounded by nature. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a digital detox in the woods, going on a business trip, or just thinking where to go on a vacation in Oulu — you will find all the necessary options.

1. Look at the beautiful majestic animals

What to see in Finland first? Try to feel that you are in the fairytale of Hans Christian Andersen: dress warmly and go to one of the many farms that breed rein deers.
To be honest, this particular attraction is not located in the city itself, you need to drive about 40-50 minutes from Oulu. Nonetheless, you can always take advantage of the chauffeur service and drive where you want.

Order now — 247€

P.S. Please note, that the farm only accepts visitors upon prior request.

Upon request

Phone for booking
+358 40 0388268

2. Spend an hour with the husky

Once again, we suggest going to a farm, but this time the husky farm. It’s a place where these animals are a real part of the family. Going here can be both a romantic pastime and a vivid impression for children.
Tours are available from January to April.
The minimum age for excursion: 12 years

Wandering around the farm and hugging a husky dog – € 10 per person/hour
Ride on a husky-cart – € 25 – € 30 per person/hour

3. Look at the northern lights

What is the main attraction in Lapland? Of course, northern lights, but in the south of Finland, it can be observed only about 10-20 days a year. However, Oulu is in the northern part of the country and polar lights can be visible here from September to March.
We recommend using the services of professional guides, who know the most picturesque observation points.

4. Visit a crazy event (available only once a year)

If you are in Oulu in the summer, you should go to the imaginary guitar championship. Every August, since 1996, the most expressive masters of an invisible instrument compete in a fair fight.

Want to take part in the show? Pay a fee of 35 € and show, how you learned in the bathroom to pretend to be a lost member of Led Zeppelin.

The place is currently being specified. Follow the information here.

5. Go to Tietomaa Science Centre with kids

The first science center in Finland with interactive exhibitions and open lectures for family.
Entertainment for the family a walk along with the moon, flights by planes, a holographic hall, an observation deck at a 35-meter height are waiting for everyone.

Work schedule

Monday-Thursday 9:00 to 17:00
Friday 9:00 to 18:00
Saturday-Sunday 10:00 to 18:00

Entry cost
Adult ticket 17 €
Ticket price for children from 6 to 17 years old, students, retirees, military personnel and civil servants of military units – 12 €
Ticket for children under 6 years — free

Travel around the world and don’t forget, that we are ready to meet you anywhere!